Lisa’s Preserved Lemons and Moroccan Chicken

Meghann’s Lemon Surprise

Sarah’s Lemon Meringue Pie disappointment

Sarah’s Pan Fried Ricotta Lemon Gnocchi


Lemon is the name of both the fruit and the tree.  Its juice is acidic, having a pH around 2-3.  While it forms of it were found in Persia and the rest of the early middle east, it’s current, slightly different form was brought to the americas in the time of columbus.  It famously has been used as a preventative for scurvy, and despite Shelbyville’s best efforts, a notorious lemon tree still shades the lawns of Springfield.  There are several varieties of lemon, most commonly the Eureka is featured in supermarkets.  Perhaps a bit of bad timing here, but our distributor is having quality issues with the organic lemons making it to the NE due to weather in the SE.  They can still be found but prices have gone up a bit lately.  Lemon juice and lemon oils that are shelf-stable are always easy to find, and could probably be within the spirit of the kitchen link.  Good luck!

Sarah’s Cardamom Apple Cider Butter

Laura’s Fall Favorites Sandwich

Lisa’s Apple Brats

Lisa‘s Brined Pork Chops with Apples

Meghann and Tom’s Pork Chops with Golden Applesauce

Kerry and Nick’s German Apple Cake

September 15th Poll

Black beans made it back on the list due to their popularity last time around! Remember you can always add another ingredient for us to vote on.

September is here and to open it up our newest challenge is the apple.

The apple tree originated in western asia, and through time, they have been bred into over 7,500 cultivars.  Apples were brought over in the 1600’s by colonists, with the oldest orchard being in Boston around 1625.  Early attempts at establishing apple orchards failed due to a lack of honeybees.  Once honeybees colonies were brought over, apples took off.  China is by far the biggest producer, with about 35% of overall production.  Though most of us in the United States should start seeing local and even organic apples available soon.  If not, organics from New Zealand and Chile have been available all summer.

Hey Everyone,  here’s a poll for september 1st’s ingredient. I have it formatted so that you can vote as many times as you want, and also formatted that you can add an extra ingredient to the poll,

Winner announced Sept. 1st!